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E-bike: A Green Transport for Sustainable Environment

Uploaded on 07-Feb-2020

Kaivalya Dixit commutes from his residence at Bandra (West) to his office at the Bandra-Kurla Complex. Three years ago, irritated by the commute hours he pledged to commute on his bicycle. It didn’t take more than a week’s time to regret his decision: tired of the endless paddling, sweat and rising temperatures, he moved back to his old ways. But, from the last two months, things have been different for Kaivalya; he has suddenly fallen in love with his bike and takes it to work very often. What has changed?

- His old bicycle. He tried his son's bicycle which has a rechargeable motor kit to it, he still has to pedal but now has the option of switching it to the handlebar; this gives his bike a motorized kick, and just like on motor-bikes, Kaivalya can now and then relax and enjoy the breeze.

“I am no more worried about cycling now, no distance is far off when you can lay back and the cycle is still moving forward. Isn’t it wonderful?” exclaims Kaivalya gleefully.

This is the story of many people living in metropolises who keep figuring out solutions for their daily commutes. This new generation alternative - the electric bicycle - not only helps you to save money on fuel bills, but is also a greener alternative to the harmful carbon-emitting options.

In COP21, famously known as the Paris Agreement, the world came together and pressed on the issue of curbing greenhouse emissions, one of the primary causes of temperature rise, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions.

Green transportation may not offer a complete solution, but it still is a step forward towards a sustainable environment.

A recent study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy showed that increasing e-bike (also known as electric bicycle) and bike use by just 14 per cent could reduce carbon emissions by/to 47 percent by 2050.

Best electric bicycles in themselves have become a force against global warming, and companies are well aware of their roles in the plan of curbing greenhouse gases. A study by the Environmental Protection agency stated that the average passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.

In addition to carbon dioxide (CO2), the average vehicle also emits methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from the tailpipe and hydro fluorocarbon emissions from leaking air conditioners. Although the emitting gases aren’t much in quantity, their impact on global warming is massive and instantaneous.

People like Kaivalya are slowly moving towards green transportation alternatives in a move towards a sustainable future by converting their old bicycle into stunning electric bicycle and enjoying benefits of sustainable transportation.

He says, “We all know the temperatures are rising and weathers are getting extreme [sic], and with so much smoke in the air, I worry for my kids if they would catch any deadly airborne disease any day.”

The Indian government decided to exempt Electric Vehicles (EVs) and automobiles running on alternative fuels from permit requirements.

The Union Government is planning to bring the number of EVs to at least 15% in the next five years, said the Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari in an Indian Automobile Conference held in Delhi.

“This is a time for the country to think seriously about pollution,” he was quoted as saying.

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