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Felidae - providing state-of-the-art electronic bicycles

Uploaded on 10-Dec-2019

Bicycles have been around us since centuries but haven’t gone under tremendous improvements until the introduction of the electric motor into its wheels. The first bicycles with electric motors appeared at the end of the 19th century.  That was the marked beginning of electric i into the market but those had many limitations back then.

The biggest issue for that time were batteries as they were huge and very heavy compared to the one's available today. Today we are witnessing a huge improvement as tech innovations have brought light and high dense batteries; e-bikes can now be considered as alternatives for medium distance trips.

If bicycles are what you are looking for, then you need not look further. Indian cyclists now have a cause for celebration. Felidae brings home a hassle-free, comfortable and effortless ride with their newest range of electric bicycles. Felidae’s new models comprise Maven and Euras, which, besides being smart cycles, are also environment-friendly and marked at affordable rates.

These smart electric bicycles are manufactured with the concept of sustainable development in mind, so as to conserve resources as much as possible and contribute to a sustainable environment.

The brand is committed to bringing customer satisfaction and has a reputation for providing top-notch service. Without further ado, let us dwell on what makes these e-bikes so special.

The very first exciting feature is the bike’s advanced controller, thanks to which anyone can enjoy effortless biking; the controller comes with a five-level assist, which makes riding through even the most formidable terrain look like a cakewalk. The controller ensures that you get a smooth start, stop as well as the transition between various “assist levels”.

This enhances the reliability of the Electric System with Multi-Level Battery and Motor Protection. The bike also captures health data for the rider and the bike and, in the near future, will be armed with theft alarm and accident detection and several other features that will make it the rider’s best friend.

Powered by superior technology hand-picked from world-class manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Bafang and so on, and the safety of Li-ion battery pack enhanced by advanced Battery Management System (BMS), which has multi-pronged aspects of security, both for the user and the equipment, Felidae’s e-bike is more than just an environment-friendly alternative.

By far the most thrilling feature is the riding the bike in the mountains. This new range of bikes automatically senses uphill terrain and as soon as it does that, it boosts the torque. This gives the rider awesome riding experience- there is no need for switching between different assist modes.

Built-in algorithms automatically and optimally select the assist modes, to minimise power consumption and provide a great riding experience. As an ending note, we would like to state that Felidae strives to bring smart cycling to its customers with the aid of futuristic sustainable mobility solutions which are dependable, safer and smarter, help sustain the environment and give the best user-experience at reasonable prices.

“The simplicity of design and ease of riding made me fall in love with Felidae. Its extraordinary features will surely make this e-bike the most sought after in this range.”

Rahul, a buyer, after using a Felidae e-bike.