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Felidae: Providing Budget and Eco Friendly Means of Transport

Uploaded on 19-Nov-2019

Global warming is real. Every across the planet, temperatures are rising. This augurs ill for the future, as sea levels are rising, extreme weather events increasing, deserts expanding and glaciers melting.

Additionally, global warming could lead to drought and famine, and permanently change ecosystems and lead to the extinction of several species of flora and fauna.

The greatest contributor to global warming has been the emission of greenhouse gases, which in turn is the result of overusing fossil fuels, and the use of fossil fuels has been driven by the use of motor vehicles.

Thankfully, governments across the world are beginning to acknowledge the phenomenon of global warming and beginning to take steps to reverse it, or at least reduce its impact.

One important way in which they are doing so is by checking the use of motor vehicles and encouraging the use of non-motor vehicles or electric vehicles (EVs). The German government, for instance, has virtually banned the use of diesel vehicles.

In the midst of all of this, an old, popular activity is gaining urgency: cycling.

Since the invention of the pedal-driven bicycle in 1839, bicycles have had an impact not only on commuting but also on the economy of many countries.

Why do we need more eco-friendly means of transport?

Cycling is known to provide many health benefits; it is also a popular sport and a favourite pastime. Now, with a renewed emphasis on green transportation, the bicycle has come into the limelight again.

There is no doubt that cycling is extremely beneficial from many angles: it is a good form of exercise, it reduces stress and it has a negligible impact on the environment.

However, the conventional bicycle does have a few drawbacks. For someone who is new to biking, riders with physical limitations, the elderly and for covering long distances and difficult terrain, a regular bike can be too demanding. For them, there is an attractive alternative: the electric Bicycle (or e-bicycle).

While the history of the electric Bicycle dates back to the late nineteenth century, it is only recently that they have caught the public imagination.

What is the benefit of eco-friendly transportation?

An e-bicycle provides a number of advantages:

1. Eco-friendliness:

As the very point suggests, e-bikes are eco-friendly. When you consider adopting an e-bike instead of a fuel guzzling two wheeler for instance, you actually start contributing towards saving the environment in your own way.

2. Makes commuting easier:

An e-bicycle requires very little effort to ride. This means the rider doesn’t have to break a sweat on their way to work. One can ride an e-bicycle down a footpath to avoid traffic, so in many cases, it can end up being faster than an automobile.

3. Requires less physical exertion:

Electric bicycles are much more forgiving than bicycles. They are suitable for younger people, aged people as well as those who are not in shape.

4. Can cover larger distances and varied topography:

Thanks to an electric motor, an e-bike has a higher range than bicycles. Besides, it is also better suited for travelling in hostile terrain, such as mountains.

Critics have often cited that e-bikes are too expensive. Not any longer. Felidae, an Indian company, now has made it possible to buy e-bikes at affordable prices. 

Why switch to Felidae?

Being an Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in Pune, the company comprises a group of passionate, diligent engineers who have worked hard to make e-bicycles accessible to the masses.

Felidae strives to revolutionize the mobility sector by focusing on sustainable mobility solutions that are environment-friendly.

Felidae's electric Bicycles are smart bicycles, complete with a variety of modern features that have made cycling easier than ever. Their products are built using state-of-the-art technology, with a view to sustaining the environment.

Felidae is working on faster adoption of EVs in India. They are currently developing a technology to build more reliable and budget-friendly EVs.