The highest accuracy upto 2-3m using differential correction technology.
Minimal packet drop rate, compact and fully concealed.
Minimal power consumption - never drain out of battery.
Anyway, powered by very high capacity battery- runs for months.
Smart and optimized for bandwidth and power usage.
Sleep mode with a quick alert. Very good accuracy for real time navigation.
This device empowers eBike’s smart tracking system.
It helps you for navigation, anti-theft alarm, capturing your ride data for analytics and pushes it to cloud.
It automatically gets updated for new fixes, if any.
Finally, fully cyber secured for any data violation.

One of the key components of the Drive system is Geared brushless DC motor.
These are noiseless, Compact, light-weight, high torque motors.
These are tested under very difficult terrains for performance.
Quick response and hardly any increase in temperature during these tests, vouch the performance and quality of the motor.
These are coupled with SHIMANO’s 7-speed gear system to exploit the maximum of battery and rider power.
These working together or shifting is harmonious and seamless.

Felidae battery power pack is built with Samsung 18650 cells.
It is protected by a state-of-the-art Battery management system, which based on temperature, current and voltage sensors.
The protection against deep discharge.
Charging and discharging is managed in a such a way that it can offer the best life.
Also, the protection to battery is provided from the Controller during operation against high surge of the current.
The core portion of pack is designed with Aluminium alloy for best protection and thermal performance.
IP65 protection enhances the reliability of the pack.
Smart charger gives protection during charging against any power fluctuations.
Charger is compact, elegant and durable.

Slide ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS Enjoy effortless biking with the Advanced Controller.
Five-Level assist makes riding through difficult terrain seem like everyone’s game.
Controller ensures you have a smooth start, stop and transition between various 'Assist levels'.
Multi-level hardware and software protections against stalling and sudden load, enhances the reliability of the system to a next level.
The hardware is built with automotive grade SMD components.
Innovative hardware architecture separates high and low power regions and enhances the reliability further.