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10 things to consider before buying your first e-bicycle in 2020

Have you decided to buy your first electric bicycle? Congratulations!

But now confusion is how to choose a Smart and best electric bike for a hassle-free ride.

Not only have you made a choice that will make biking more fun and comfortable, but also make commuting easier and more environment-friendly. However, with the vast number of e-bikes now available in the market, you may be easily daunted.

To make things easier, here are the 10 things you must know before buying your first e-bike

1. For which category of biking you are looking for an e-bicycle for?

Decide the purpose for which you are going to use the e-bike for. For instance, mountain biking is very different than city commuting. There are different bikes designed for different purposes.  An e-bike for mountain climbing has a high torque hub motor, while a long distance bike has a battery of 400 watt-hours. You must understand your needs and choose an e-bike that is built to suit your purpose.

2. Pick the right seller

The dealer from whom you purchase your first electric bicycle also plays an important role in the overall life-cycle of the bike. For instance, your dealer should have detailed knowledge about the offerings and should be equally passionate to sell e-bikes. The after sales service should be quick in case of any failure and the dealer should have a strong commitment to his customers. These are a few things that may make the difference between an ordinary purchase and a lifelong venture.

3. Price matters

Quality does not come cheap. If you want the best e-bike that will last a lifetime, you must be prepared to expend a respectable sum of money. The good news is, buying an expensive e-bike will prove cheaper in the long run, as it will contain robust, high-quality components.

4. Buy local

Since this is your first purchase, no matter what you are going to have questions about your e-bike even after you have purchased it. You may have problems with your electric Bicycle or an exchange may seem necessary; in these cases, you may wish to have your seller near your home. Besides, your support will encourage local sellers and ensure quick service.

5. Warranty

An e-bike is not a purchase: it is an investment. A proper warranty will be insurance for your investment. For any best electric Bicycle higher than Rs.20,000, expect a minimum warranty of more than 2 years including its parts, motor and battery.

6. The bigger picture

All best e-bikes are eco-friendly, but some are eco-friendlier than others. Environment-friendly electric Bicycles are more than being electricity-powered. A good e-bike should last at least ten years, which includes 1000 to 1200 charge cycles, and have a recyclable battery.

7. High range

The distance an e-bike travels per battery charge is its range.

Range is an important factor while choosing your first e-bicycle. Range is mostly dependent on road conditions and weight of the rider. It is also influenced by factors like ability, speed, pedalling power, and so on. Try going for a high range bike, because with time, range drops naturally.

8. Pedelec or twist-n-go?

Broadly speaking, all e-bikes fall under these two categories. The more common pedelec monitors the rider’s pedalling and assists automatically. Once the e-bike reaches a speed of 25 kilometres an hour, the motor turns off.

The twist-n-go, which is rarer, makes use of a manual switch to trigger motor support.

9. Service counts-

The hallmark of a great company is great service. No matter how great the components of an electric Bicycles are, they are useless unless assembled well and checked and maintained from time to time. Good service is essential to ensure that your investment is worth a while.

10. Trust your intuition!

Even after doing thorough research on which e-bike is best according to specifications, you might remain in the dilemma of making a choice between two or three options. If such a situation arises,  the best thing one can do is to simply trust your gut feeling and go with the bike which your heart desires.

Good luck!

Riding an best electric bicycle is giving you an amazing experience. Comment on this post if you have additional questions!

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